November 24, 2008

Stressed Spells Desserts Backwards

Hello Luvies! It has been certifiably crazy in my life right now! My relationship is a little rocky, I am moving to a fabulous apt, I am starting a new position at work, Dance is crazy between the Christmas parade and recital planning! Oh yeah, and it's the holidays, my head is spinning! I WANT TO SCREAM!!

Ok, now that is out of my system, this email from Pottery Barn made me feel a little better. The fabulous part is that the entire collection is 20% off. I think I need to buy myself a set of dessert plates for a little retail therapy, what do ya think?

November 19, 2008

Want, Want, Want

So I am starting to notice an obsession to Lands End.  Their winter line is fabulous and it's moderately priced so I can still buy one for me while I am xmas shopping! And did anyone see the tartan plaid gift card? Wouldn't you just love to find that in your monogrammed stocking?! Here's what I have my eye on....

FABULOUS plaid flannel pajamas $22.50

 FABULOUS argyle fleece pullover $25.50

FABULOUS patent totes $79.50

and finally...  I'd like to get this for the boyfriend (who is still stupid by the way) 
Mens sherpa fleece pullover $39.50

November 14, 2008

Short post, BIG meaning

Boys are stupid.

November 12, 2008

Christmas Swap!

I forgot to tell you guys, I received my Clemsongirl's swap partner info! It's Coco from Coco's Cuckoo World.  Go visit her, she is hysterical!!  And please, please read her "Dear lady at the gym post... "  and be prepared you will pee your pants laughing.  

J Crew + Houndstooth = Heaven

Does anyone have $365 they can donate to my "I need this coat from J. Crew fund" ? It would be greatly appreciated. Think about it... let me know!!

November 8, 2008

Shoe of the week

I need these.... STAT! They are from Lands End, $39.50, and I heart them. I want them in every color and you should get them too... here. They come in 7 fabulous colors and are too freakin' cute!!  I would love to get these as a x-mas gift with a cute matching scarf!  

Want this?

Well then go here and enter to win it! Confessions of a Control Freak has hit her 100th post and is celebrating with a giveaway! Woo Hoo!


Wanted: Anne Taylor $200.00

Settled for: Kohls- AB Studio $35.00
There is yellow in there, its just a little hard to see in the pic... not Anne Taylor but still damn cute!! And b/c it was so cheap I thought why not get a purse to go with it!!

November 5, 2008

Lookie Look

Look at what I received! Thanks to Jill over at Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls for sending me this award. I must pass it to five fellow bloggers so I am sending it to my last 5 followers! Go show them a little love!

I also received an award from Gwen over at Confessions of a Control Freak.  I am to pick the closest book and turn to pg 56 and type the 5th sentence and the next few.  So here it goes...  It's on my nightstand...  I'm borrowing it from a friend.  It's called "Just Sex" by Susan Kay Law.  

"Hey!"  she protested, insulted.  "I'm not that much of a geek."
"Uh-huh.  Did you ever not set the curve in a single class?
"I most certainly did."
"Hmmm."   Humor glinted in his eyes, and she remembered that instant of fluttering joy when she'd thought he'd liked her, too.
"Gym right?" he asked, chuckling when she refused to answer.  She dropped her gaze.  His elbow rested on the bar, his thumb spinning the plain gold ring on his third finger.  "You're married?"

October 31, 2008

One more thing...

55 days until Christmas!!! Holy Moses!!

Want pearls girls?

Me too! Jill over at Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls is giving away a strand of pearls she had got from China to celebrate her 100th post. Really I knew she was fabulous before, but this just confirmed it!! Make sure you go over there and check out her blog then make sure you enter to win these beauties!! (Jill I hope you don't mind I stole your pic... I may end up in blog jail)

Halloween and Power

Oh it's good to be back girlfriends! As some of you may know the northeast region was hit with a surprise storm we weren't quite ready for on Monday night. So in turn, I was powerless, as in I HAD NO POWER AT ALL. For two days. Let me tell you... you tend to take things for granted. Let's start with flushing, yup that's right I couldn't do it. Nor was I able to shower (electric pump, it sucks). We had no heat and it was freagin' cold. Hmmm, I made an over easy egg on a sterno, which was surprisingly ok. I obviously was unable to go to work. My phone died, so while the driveway was being plowed (yes plowed before halloween... CRAZY!) I was sitting in my car charging it. I mean I could have gone inside after plugging my phone in the car, but the house was boring, dark and cold so the car was a step up!!! So after two very long days of living little house on the prairie style the power came back Wednesday night. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Oh yeah I was doing the running man!! So girls, moral of the story is.... be happy you can flush!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Halloween!! I am going to a party tomorrow and will hopefully have fabulous pics. I am going to be Mrs. Claus (with a much more fabulous outfit of course)! And as much as I would like to say boyfriend is dressing up as Santa I was only able to get him to wear a Santa hat, but I'll take it b/c he's not a big fan of the holiday!! Enjoy these cute wonderfully witchy shoes!

October 21, 2008


I have been tagged by A Southern Accent! I'm with you girl on loving my blog friends! Everyone is so wonderful and I must say much nicer than my "non blog friends" at the moment, ANYWHO that's another post! I am going to tag anyone that wants to share their "Top Fours". So here's the survey:

Top four wishes:
- I wish that I could work for Vera Bradley.
- I wish I could win the lottery.
- I wish that I could give that girl at the office a makeover.
- I wish I had a personal assistant.

Four places I want to travel:
- Ireland ( i really want a sheep sweater.... baaaaaaaaaaaad! ha i am dork.)
- Philippines (to meet family I have never met)
- Italy (Ciao Bella!)
- THE SOUTH (all my southern girls... I would love to see what YA'LL are all about!)

Four careers I want to be involved:
- VERA . I would be so fabulous!!
- I would love to own a Hallmark.
- Broadway dancer
- News anchor

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
- You grandma's and grandpa's are ready for a big hug!
- I'm ready for a hug too.
- Here are you wings.
- There's Vera here too!!!

Happy Saturday!

October 19, 2008

Shoe of the week

Not only are these the shoe of the week but they are CHOCOLATE.  Enough said.  I think these would be a fabulous gift to give or receive.  Gayle's Chocolates specializes in making these unique choclates.  Check her out...  I would love to see these at a bridal shower, sweet sixteen, or any fun female party! 


I love this show. ALOT.

Sunday Fun Day

Today I am in bake mode. I will be making chocolate chip cookies.... Mmmmmm! I decided to make them for boyfriend and his buddies because they are having a "Sunday Fun day"! (yes that is what THEY call it) All football all day. I also have a Lia Sophia party to go to tonight.  I am excited to pick out some fabulous jewelry.  So I will make a batch for my Sunday Fun NIGHT too!  Cookies and Pinot Grigio sounds good right?   Have a Happy Sunday!!

October 18, 2008

PLD Giveaway

Are you entered in Monogram Chicks giveaway? Good! NOOOOW go to Preppy Little Dress and enter her giveaway! She is giving away... A SURPRISE! A preppy surprise that is! She is celebrating her 200th post and what better way than to share something great with all of us! Hmmm...  I wonder what it could be?  

Monogram Chick Giveaway

Head on over to Monogram Chick. She is giving away your choice of a fabulous halloween bucket tote. Not just one, but TWO! I enjoy the personalized one myself. So get over there and enter!!

I've been tagged

I have been tagged for the first time! How exciting!! Thanks to Heather Knitz for including me in all of the fun! Here it goes...

  • Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Seven random facts about MOI...
  • Guilty pleasure... I enjoy the Disney channel. Yes, Yes I watch certain shows by myself, no children around and I enjoy it. In fact it's on as I type.
  •  I once bought a skirt, wore it, decided I hated it, returned it. As a former worker in the retail world, it's totally unexceptable. Yep... I was that girl once.
  •  I am on a Monday to Friday oatmeal plan. I eat it just about every morning while I have my coffee at my desk. Yet have no desire to eat it for breakfast on the weekends
  •  I still have the first teddy bear my father ever gave me on my bed. He's still cute.
  • I have a fear that after I have kids my feet will go up a size and I won't fit in any of my shoes. Ladies does this really happen? I'm scared.
  •  I once gave someone the wrong directions to get on the turnpike b/c she was such a bitch and I couldn't take it. She had it coming. She probably ended up in Canada.
  •  I never use the same shampoo. I buy whatever is on sale at CVS. Pantene, Treseme, Dove... whatever.
Your it! I tag....

October 15, 2008

Dear boyfriend,

Dear boyfriend,

I want a ring.
I want to plan a wedding.
I want to have a shower.
I want it to be preppy and fabulous.
I want to to try on wedding dresses.
I want to wear colored shoes under it.
I want to go on a honeymoon.
I want a rehearsal dinner.
I want a bachelorette party.
I want to pick bridesmaids dresses.
I want to buy favors.
I want a custom monogram.


Your girlfriend

October 14, 2008

~WICKED~ Good Stuff

What a great preppy halloween swap! I had a fabulous partner, many thanks to Preppy Little Dress for all of my fabulous goodies! Check them out...

Here they are all wrapped and looking oh so cute! I don't want to open them but the suspense is killing me!!

Darling candle sticks! Light up pumpkins! Preppy organization! Starbucks gift card! Halloween towels! Preppy tea and candy! Scary Snickerdoodles! Does it get any better?

...and that wasn't all! Look at the surprise I found waiting for me on the bottom.. . oh how we love the preppy-ness!!

Cheers to a successful swap! Thank you Pink Clutch for a hosting such a wonderfully wicked swap!!

October 13, 2008

Candy, Candy, CUPCAKES!

Check out this fantastic website I rec'd an email about. It's called JELLIO and their goal is to combine childhood memories and unique funiture! Wouldn't it be great to have a delicious candy room?

I love these Gummi Bear lights... I want to bite them!

How about this cupcake chair!? I would love to plop my bee-hind in that comfy cupcake!

Then there's the cupcake table. I mean really? It's a CUPCAKE TABLE!!

Last but not least, the candy button table. Do not attempt to bite those sugary buttons!

October 8, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesdays & ... SHOES!

Can you believe that I stayed EXACTLY the same... down to the ounces!? I couldn't believe it. I didn't gain an ounce and didn't loose an ounce. UG!

... and speaking of Uggs... my new ones arrived this week! I know that they are not my average preppy patent shoe but seriously have ya' ever been to the Poconos? It's darn cold here and I need to keep my dance teaching feet warm for class. Bring on the cold weather mother nature I am prepared!!

October 7, 2008

Look what I got!

Go to Lands End and grab yourself one of these fabulous totes. The regular price is $49.50, the sale price you ask... $19.99! Add a monogram for only $5.00. What a deal! I already have my outfit picked out... a brown cable knit cardigan with a turquoise turtleneck. Too cute!

*UPDATE* I just found a code for free shipping... Promo Code: SHIPFREE Pin: 4566

October 5, 2008

Shoe of the week

My obsession for this week... The mini mule with grosgrain ribbon from Oka Bee. I have these in the staples black and brown and change the ribbon to match whatever I am wearing. I know... How fabulous!! Which reminds me I need to go out and find some preppy halloween ribbon for my black mules... Oh how I love grosgrain! I also have the sandals with changeable ribbon, they were too cute in the summer. They even make them for the mini shoe addicts. I would love to see some sort of birthday ribbon in them for a little one to go to school in! Perhaps even a cupcake ribbon! Oh I'm all over it now, add cupcake ribbon to the halloween ribbon... CHECK!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

October 1, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesdays

So another week of dieting (oh wait it's a "LIFESTYLE CHANGE") and it was successful. And another week brings another weigh in. Drum roll please........... down 1.6lbs! I know I was aiming for 2 lbs down, but hey I'll take whatever "down" the scale gives me. What got me through this week? The Boca Burger! The vegan burger on a WW english muffin is only 2pts! Add a little fat free mayo with a slice of fat free cheese and your good to go. I know its not anything close to a "real cheeseburger" but it sure does fill you up and for 100 calories its a miracle on a bun!
Total loss: 6lbs

September 28, 2008

Shoe of the week

So I may have to put these on my Christmas list for Santa, but I love these shoes! They are Prada hot pink patent loafers and I need them. How cute would they be with a pink turtleneck and black patent hangbag? I found these on Bluefly and they are having a fall sale... Score!

For those of us who cannot splurge on the Prada, (I know I can't) this Isaac Mizrahi for Target loafer gives you close to the same look for less. And by less I mean $29.99 and really it is just as cute!

Happy Shoe Shopping!

My new look

Don't you just love it?! Danielle did a fabulous job on my blog makeover. She is wonderful to work with and I recommend her to everyone out there. She will even just spiff yours up for the holidays... go check her out!

September 25, 2008

Pumpkin + Grey's = Perfect Thursday

What better way to celebrate fall? Philosophy's pumpkin spice muffin lipgloss! Mmmmmmmmmm! It is o-so fabulous and highly recommendable. I took this picture today at work when I needed a little mental break. Please notice my calendar in the background has Grey's written on it so I wouldn't forget. SERIOUSLY ... how excited are we?

Also..... Keep you eyes peeled. My blog makeover from Blogs by Danielle should be done soon. Thanks for the makeover tip Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls!

September 24, 2008

Winning and Weight Watcher Wednesday

Well, my weekly Wednesday weigh in for this week.... down 1 pound! Not as much as I wanted to lose, but hey it's better than gaining a pound right? Let's aim for at least 2 pounds next week. Total loss: 4.4 lbs

And..... to make this Wednesday even more fabulous I won a giveaway from English Tea today! She has great notecards, from monograms to holiday designs. I am lucky to receive these fab fall leaves on mine... with personalization of course! Head on over there and check them out. Christmas is coming!! Thanks English Tea for a great giveaway... a thank you to Emma for picking MOI!

September 23, 2008


Ladies.... take it all in girlfriends... These are the new Spring 2009 patterns. These are so cute. I already have outfits in my head to go with these totes. I am a true Vera Bradley cult member and I am obsessed. In a future post I will have to take a pic of all of my bags -n- things. The prints are called Cupcake Pink, Cupcake Green, Purple Punch and Hope Garden. You can check them out on Facebook also. So let's hear it.... what do you like, dislike... let's have a paisley chat about these fab quilted bags!!

September 22, 2008

Cozy with my Koozie

Look at my fabulous koozies from Monogram Me...! (minus the picture being the wrong way... I couldn't quite figure it out) Anywho... I LOVE THEM! I had no idea that when I received them they would be packaged so nicely. They are all ready for gift giving. One is a birthday gift, one for a new bride, one for me (ofcourse) and a couple for Christmas. You can pick the color koozie, ribbon, thread color, font...whatever you want. Your koozie is your playground. Head on over to her blog she has great monogrammed gifts to offer anyone on your shopping list.

Harvest Goodies

Look at my fabulous harvest goodies from my fabulous swap partner Vineyard Vogue! Pumpkin hand soap, Pumpkin Ginger Soy Candles, Vera Bradley Clip Zip, Fall Sprinkles for all my fall treats, Grosgrain ribbon, Spiced Pumpkin Yankee candle air fresheners, and last but certainly not least, a bottle of my fav Pinot Grigio to relax at night with my fall candles lit....ahhhhhhhhh! Thank you soooooo much! I love it all. The Vera zip clip is already on my keychain!! Cheers to a fabulous swap!

September 17, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesdays

That's right... I am back on the boat. I have gained some pounds back and need to get them off so I joined weight watchers last week (It's the only thing that works for this gal). Next June I will need to be dancing on stage and also am in a wedding in July, so thought I might as well start now because.... well BECAUSE! So I need your help, I will get weighed every Tuesday so I will post what I lose every week (Let's hope I do not a gain a thaaang).

So my first week on the scale I have lost 3.4 POUNDS! WooHoo!!!!

So send me a comment...what has worked for you? Do you have any recipes? Have you been on weight watchers? Share, Share, Share!

September 16, 2008

One Word Answers

Got this from Preppy Little Dress...answer with one word. Read it then post your own. Have Fun!!

Your hair? Blackish
Your mother? Filipino
Your father? Irish
Your favorite thing? iPhone
Your dream last night? Forget
Your dream/goal? Family
Your favorite drink? Coffee
The room you're in? Bedroom
Your ex? Worthless
Your hobby? Shopping
Your fear? Death
Where do you want to be in 6 years? PA
Where were you last night? Dance
What you're not? Blonde
Muffins? Blueberry
One of your wish list items? Powerball
Time? Bedtime
Where you grew up? PA
The last thing you did? Ate
Favorite weather? Fallish
What are you wearing? Yoga pants (does that count as 1?)
Your favorite book? ??
Your TV? Old
Your pet? None
Your computer? Dell
Your mood? Tired
Missing someone? No
Your car? Yellow
Something you're not wearing? Parka
Favorite store? Ralph Lauren (pretend thats 1 too)
Love someone? Absolutely
Your favorite color/shade? Pink
Last thing you ate? Yogurt
Your life? Rocks
Your friends? Fabulous
What are you thinking right now? Sleep
What are you doing at this moment? Seriously?
Your summer? Short
Your relationship status? Lovely
What do you do when you can't sleep? Blog
When is the last time you laughed? Today
Last time you cried? Dunno

Now go post yours..... go ahead... GO!

(FYI: View pics will be coming soon)

September 15, 2008

Monday Night Football

So it is true. I have jumped on the band wagon with Mr. Ralph Lauren in the yellow shirt to your right. I relate his obsession with football to mine of monogramming. I mean... it's totally ok that its me and the dog on Sundays......... and Mondays... alot of Saturdays... and the occasionally Thursday (SIGH). In years past I have gone to a few games and had a fabulous time. So yes, I can't believe that he has done this to me........ GOOOOOOOO EAGLES! E-A-G-L-E-S-EAGLES!! Now back to your regularly scheduled preppy.

September 12, 2008

Goodness Gracious

Its busy, busy, busy this week! I will have lots to tell everyone as soon as I can relax and sit down with my pumpkin spice tea and post, post, post. Preview of what's to come...

1. I was at The View on Thursday (YAY!)
2. Race for the Cure Tomorrow (EARLY!)
3. Work freakin sucks (REALLY BAD!)
4. Ford Escape is now monogrammed (CUTE!)
5. Dance classes are in full swing (OUCH!)

Yeah.... I think that about covers it. I need to do some blogging therapy and also can't wait to show you my pictures from The View (Jessica Simpson was the guest!!) Short post, but LOTS to come.

September 10, 2008

Sneak Preppy Preview

Here it comes! The Harvest Fall Swap package is on its way to Vineyard Vogue. Stay tuned to see what harvest goodies are delivered!

September 2, 2008

Hello Vera!

VERA! SALE! FREE SHIPPING! PAISLEY! It is true...I am sure that all of you have received the email. I have already purchased the Puccini Tote, however now I am thinking about the new Morgan bag in Caffe Latte! I think that is a bag that I will want monogrammed since the colors are such fall staples. What fall Vera's do you enjoy?

~ QUESTION~ When someone is visiting OFANS and you fabulous friends click on a separate link.... how do i get that to pop up in a separate window? Help me Rhonda... Help Help me Rhonda!