September 23, 2008


Ladies.... take it all in girlfriends... These are the new Spring 2009 patterns. These are so cute. I already have outfits in my head to go with these totes. I am a true Vera Bradley cult member and I am obsessed. In a future post I will have to take a pic of all of my bags -n- things. The prints are called Cupcake Pink, Cupcake Green, Purple Punch and Hope Garden. You can check them out on Facebook also. So let's hear it.... what do you like, dislike... let's have a paisley chat about these fab quilted bags!!


Jill said...

Love the bags and love the names. I think I will HAVE to get the pink cupcake... so cute.

kmmc said...

Does anyone know if the Vera Bradley clutch would be able to fit a Nokia N80 cellphone?

The All-In-One Vera Bradley is adorable but the cell phone compartment doesn't have a zip or button.. I've already dropped my phone once and it required an expensive repair :(