February 8, 2009


I am desperately seeking basketball tickets to a Philadelphia 76er game. I am trying to find them on stubhub, ebay, etc. however they are just a tad more than what I would like to pay. I would even take any suggestions about any college games I could go to with in a decent driving area from northeast PA. Any one that has any connections (wink wink) anywhere, it would be greatly appreciated.

Keep me posted ladies :)

February 1, 2009

I will now attempt...

... to make buffalo chicken dip on my own (enter dramatic echo man voice).  To those of you who are not kitchen-ly challenged like myself this may sound like an easy task, but this is big. Baking... I am your girl- Cooking food that does not contain icing or whipped topping is a little tough for Miss Maya.  First of all the recipe called for chicken out of a can.  EWE.  So I had to upgrade to a rotisserie chicken.  Anything has to taste better than chicken out of a can.  Really the recipe is not that tough but I always seem to mess something up.  Being that I live in Pennsylvania and the Steelers are in the Super Bowl I should be routing for them, but I secretly would love the under dogs to win(Go Cardinals!).  AND thank goodness boyfriends Eagles didn't get in the big bowl b/c we all know how intense today would be rather than kicked back and relaxed. WHEW!

Last weekend was absolutely wonderful. I was at the Scranton Cultural Center (which is beautiful)...

to see a traveling broadway group perform this...

And it was fabulous. Toto was too cute. Dorothy was amazing. And the Lion stole the show he was so funny.  The witch was super scary and yes there was a flying monkey. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how it ended. 

And no need to worry I wore red shoes, I certainly had to dress the part. 
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

January 24, 2009

Flamingos wanted ASAP

My roomate and I decided to give our bathroon a little makeover and what we finally decided on was... FLAMINGOS!! How fun right? So this is where you come in. I peruuuuuused the internet a tad and couldn't find very much and thought you girls would be the perfect ones to ask. Now... I'm looking for the preppy flamingo not the tacky flamingo (I hope all of us know the differene). The main thing I'm looking for right now is the fabric shower curtain. I like them better than the vinyl. I hope to show a before and after shot of our bathroom when it is complete. Moving into the apartment, J (roomate) had the bathroom Zebra. EEK! I'm not a big fan so I'm glad we came to a compromise. So I hope to hear from you girls about any suggestions you may have!!

We have a winner!

So sorry for the delay however I have been out of touch with the cyber world. This has been a sucessfull first give away for Miss Maya and so so much fun! Since I was a few days late on posting I am going to throw in a trial size Juicy Couture perfume. Ooooo la la! I think my next giveaway will have to be when I hit my 100th post. Perhaps something Vera?! So I'm sure we all want to know who the winner was. I put everyones name on a peice of paper you were entered in more if you posted or followed (extra thanks to you girlies that did).

And the winner is...........


KLC from Tales of a Northern Belle !!!!

Congratulations!! I will contact you to get your info and send your fabulous winnings out on Monday :) Thanks to everyone!!!

January 19, 2009


The Juicy Couture giveaway will be extended until tomorrow night. I will pick a winner Wednesday morning and post about the lucky lady Wednesday evening. So get your final entries in :) !

Enjoy your Monday!!

January 16, 2009

It's Vera Time

Spring 2009 Vera's are now available for purchase! I can feel my VB adrenaline pumping! Have a fabulous Friday and don't forget to enter the Juicy Couture giveaway!!

January 13, 2009

***Juicy Couture Giveaway***

I have decided that I want to host a giveaway! My very, very first so I have to make it good. You can have up to 3 entries to win a Juicy Couture Lip Gloss Pendant! Inside it has mirror on one side and crystal pink lip gloss on the other. On the front of the heart it has Viva La Juicy in pink. Lip gloss will get sent in a juicy gift box and bag, b/c really its too cute to just throw in a brown box! Too cute AND just in time for Valentines Day!!! So here's the deal...

1 entry: Leave a comment
2 entries: Comment and Post linking back (let me know you've done so)
3 entries: Comment, post and follow (if your already a follower you will be entered automatically)

So make sure you enter and spread the word... I will keep the giveaway open until Sunday evening. Good luck girlies!!!

January 10, 2009

Snow Day in PA

I love snow days. It is much better to be home when it is snowing rather than at work just worrying about driving home. I took all of the Christmas decor down while watching Bromance on MTV. I know, I know....the show sucks, but I had to learn for myself. I also have a new flat screen TV Santa delivered so pretty much everything looks good, including Brody Jenner. While I was snowed in I also watched Hairspray and The Devil Wears Prada, 2 fabulous movies. Any other day I would have felt guilty about staying home watching movies but the snow offers a stellar excuse to be a lazy daisy.

So I know I am very delayed, but I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift from the rents. It's from the American Living collection at JCPenny's. Since I was able to create a whole new room in my new apartment I thought I would go for a nautical/american feel. I love it... the pic is very small but it is similar to the Vera Bradley Seaport pattern.

Speaking of Vera Bradley, I just ordered the Vera Bradley Bucket Totes from Browns On Fifth. They are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! But you have to call them to order and just let them know you received the email (you can fib they will never know) There is no code that you have to give them ...just your order! I ordered 4! Frankley Scarlet for me(monogrammed of course), and 3 others and gifts in Mediterranean Blue and White. I can't wait to get them! I'll be sure to show you!!

And tomorrow will bring the EAGLES :) and Giants :( game! I am very excited. Not excited to watch b/c really I fake watching football. I know when there is a touchdown, I know when to cheer, I know when not to say anything. Everything else........... I fake. Those flags.... no clue. The ref...........don't understand him. I do finally understand what "1st down and 10"" for example means, that took awhile. All in all, football days are days to look really cute in football gear, a hat, maybe my ugg boots or sneakers and a sweatshirt.

So girls, whomever your team may be tomorrow..... look cute!

January 8, 2009

Holy Moses I'm Back

Hello my friends! Well here I am... I have had a certifiably crazy month. I have moved to a fabulous apartment and have the greatest roomate ever. I had a wonderful Christmas (can't wait to let you know what I received!). Broke up with my boyfriend, got back together with my boyfriend, broke up with my boyfriend AND now we are back together. Yeaaahhhh.... Christmas could have been a little better, but here's to a new year! I also am training a new person at work to take my position over and I will be starting a new one next week. I'll be working directly with the doctors now... very exciting. Hmmmmmm, let's see what else....... I have alot of catching up to do on everyones blogs! I haven't read one. I am certainly glad to be back in the swing of things. Thanks for all your comments on my where abouts. I appreciate the thought of a search party being sent for me!! I was definately in a rut, but now Maya Papaya is back for some blogging goodness!!

November 24, 2008

Stressed Spells Desserts Backwards

Hello Luvies! It has been certifiably crazy in my life right now! My relationship is a little rocky, I am moving to a fabulous apt, I am starting a new position at work, Dance is crazy between the Christmas parade and recital planning! Oh yeah, and it's the holidays, my head is spinning! I WANT TO SCREAM!!

Ok, now that is out of my system, this email from Pottery Barn made me feel a little better. The fabulous part is that the entire collection is 20% off. I think I need to buy myself a set of dessert plates for a little retail therapy, what do ya think?