January 10, 2009

Snow Day in PA

I love snow days. It is much better to be home when it is snowing rather than at work just worrying about driving home. I took all of the Christmas decor down while watching Bromance on MTV. I know, I know....the show sucks, but I had to learn for myself. I also have a new flat screen TV Santa delivered so pretty much everything looks good, including Brody Jenner. While I was snowed in I also watched Hairspray and The Devil Wears Prada, 2 fabulous movies. Any other day I would have felt guilty about staying home watching movies but the snow offers a stellar excuse to be a lazy daisy.

So I know I am very delayed, but I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift from the rents. It's from the American Living collection at JCPenny's. Since I was able to create a whole new room in my new apartment I thought I would go for a nautical/american feel. I love it... the pic is very small but it is similar to the Vera Bradley Seaport pattern.

Speaking of Vera Bradley, I just ordered the Vera Bradley Bucket Totes from Browns On Fifth. They are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! But you have to call them to order and just let them know you received the email (you can fib they will never know) There is no code that you have to give them ...just your order! I ordered 4! Frankley Scarlet for me(monogrammed of course), and 3 others and gifts in Mediterranean Blue and White. I can't wait to get them! I'll be sure to show you!!

And tomorrow will bring the EAGLES :) and Giants :( game! I am very excited. Not excited to watch b/c really I fake watching football. I know when there is a touchdown, I know when to cheer, I know when not to say anything. Everything else........... I fake. Those flags.... no clue. The ref...........don't understand him. I do finally understand what "1st down and 10"" for example means, that took awhile. All in all, football days are days to look really cute in football gear, a hat, maybe my ugg boots or sneakers and a sweatshirt.

So girls, whomever your team may be tomorrow..... look cute!


Jill said...

Love your new bedding! So cute.

Pink Maple said...

Snowy days are the best, it's great to have an excuse to stay at home and do whatever you like.

Kate said...

I love that bedding!

Preppy Pettit said...

I just bought all new Vera Bradley bedding!