September 17, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesdays

That's right... I am back on the boat. I have gained some pounds back and need to get them off so I joined weight watchers last week (It's the only thing that works for this gal). Next June I will need to be dancing on stage and also am in a wedding in July, so thought I might as well start now because.... well BECAUSE! So I need your help, I will get weighed every Tuesday so I will post what I lose every week (Let's hope I do not a gain a thaaang).

So my first week on the scale I have lost 3.4 POUNDS! WooHoo!!!!

So send me a comment...what has worked for you? Do you have any recipes? Have you been on weight watchers? Share, Share, Share!

1 comment:

Jill said...

You are so good! I need to start WW again too. It really works... after about 4 years my weight has come back. I'm going this week. Thanks for the motivation.

You may know about this site...

This lady has a TON of restaurants and the points of menu items. I use it a lot. Good luck!