October 1, 2008

Weight Watcher Wednesdays

So another week of dieting (oh wait it's a "LIFESTYLE CHANGE") and it was successful. And another week brings another weigh in. Drum roll please........... down 1.6lbs! I know I was aiming for 2 lbs down, but hey I'll take whatever "down" the scale gives me. What got me through this week? The Boca Burger! The vegan burger on a WW english muffin is only 2pts! Add a little fat free mayo with a slice of fat free cheese and your good to go. I know its not anything close to a "real cheeseburger" but it sure does fill you up and for 100 calories its a miracle on a bun!
Total loss: 6lbs

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I need to go out and get some boca burgers. :)

Congrats on 6 lbs. That is awesome!

Do you like the sig? It is awfully cute. I think that now there are finally enough shoes on your blog ;)

(I love shoes, too!)