October 18, 2008

I've been tagged

I have been tagged for the first time! How exciting!! Thanks to Heather Knitz for including me in all of the fun! Here it goes...

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Seven random facts about MOI...
  • Guilty pleasure... I enjoy the Disney channel. Yes, Yes I watch certain shows by myself, no children around and I enjoy it. In fact it's on as I type.
  •  I once bought a skirt, wore it, decided I hated it, returned it. As a former worker in the retail world, it's totally unexceptable. Yep... I was that girl once.
  •  I am on a Monday to Friday oatmeal plan. I eat it just about every morning while I have my coffee at my desk. Yet have no desire to eat it for breakfast on the weekends
  •  I still have the first teddy bear my father ever gave me on my bed. He's still cute.
  • I have a fear that after I have kids my feet will go up a size and I won't fit in any of my shoes. Ladies does this really happen? I'm scared.
  •  I once gave someone the wrong directions to get on the turnpike b/c she was such a bitch and I couldn't take it. She had it coming. She probably ended up in Canada.
  •  I never use the same shampoo. I buy whatever is on sale at CVS. Pantene, Treseme, Dove... whatever.
Your it! I tag....

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preppy little dress said...

thanks for mentioning my giveaway and for the tag. i will post it tomorrow, hope you are having a great weekend!

my cat is still enjoying the ribbon from my wicked gifts! hee! hee!