October 21, 2008


I have been tagged by A Southern Accent! I'm with you girl on loving my blog friends! Everyone is so wonderful and I must say much nicer than my "non blog friends" at the moment, ANYWHO that's another post! I am going to tag anyone that wants to share their "Top Fours". So here's the survey:

Top four wishes:
- I wish that I could work for Vera Bradley.
- I wish I could win the lottery.
- I wish that I could give that girl at the office a makeover.
- I wish I had a personal assistant.

Four places I want to travel:
- Ireland ( i really want a sheep sweater.... baaaaaaaaaaaad! ha i am dork.)
- Philippines (to meet family I have never met)
- Italy (Ciao Bella!)
- THE SOUTH (all my southern girls... I would love to see what YA'LL are all about!)

Four careers I want to be involved:
- VERA . I would be so fabulous!!
- I would love to own a Hallmark.
- Broadway dancer
- News anchor

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
- You grandma's and grandpa's are ready for a big hug!
- I'm ready for a hug too.
- Here are you wings.
- There's Vera here too!!!

Happy Saturday!


Jill said...

Working for Vera would be a fabulous job!

Pink Maple said...

It would be fantastic to have a personal assistant!