October 15, 2008

Dear boyfriend,

Dear boyfriend,

I want a ring.
I want to plan a wedding.
I want to have a shower.
I want it to be preppy and fabulous.
I want to to try on wedding dresses.
I want to wear colored shoes under it.
I want to go on a honeymoon.
I want a rehearsal dinner.
I want a bachelorette party.
I want to pick bridesmaids dresses.
I want to buy favors.
I want a custom monogram.


Your girlfriend


The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

hahahahaha this is soooo me about a year ago! have you gone ring shopping? that really got my fiance over the hump, because he was under the impression that an engagement ring cost $10,000 and up. its probably my fault that i didnt try to dispell that rumor sooner... but what girl would?!? haha

Preppy in the City said...

Been there! Hang in there :)

heather knitz said...

Good luck!

You have been tagged!

Check out the details of this tagging event...lol!


Just Me said...

Dang it i feel the same exact way!! I wonder if i just print that up and leave it on boyfriends pillow he will do it :) lol... Eight years come december its about time, right?

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Awwww...he knows and he will... just wait. been there... good things to come ,,,promise xoxo