October 31, 2008

Halloween and Power

Oh it's good to be back girlfriends! As some of you may know the northeast region was hit with a surprise storm we weren't quite ready for on Monday night. So in turn, I was powerless, as in I HAD NO POWER AT ALL. For two days. Let me tell you... you tend to take things for granted. Let's start with flushing, yup that's right I couldn't do it. Nor was I able to shower (electric pump, it sucks). We had no heat and it was freagin' cold. Hmmm, I made an over easy egg on a sterno, which was surprisingly ok. I obviously was unable to go to work. My phone died, so while the driveway was being plowed (yes plowed before halloween... CRAZY!) I was sitting in my car charging it. I mean I could have gone inside after plugging my phone in the car, but the house was boring, dark and cold so the car was a step up!!! So after two very long days of living little house on the prairie style the power came back Wednesday night. HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Oh yeah I was doing the running man!! So girls, moral of the story is.... be happy you can flush!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Halloween!! I am going to a party tomorrow and will hopefully have fabulous pics. I am going to be Mrs. Claus (with a much more fabulous outfit of course)! And as much as I would like to say boyfriend is dressing up as Santa I was only able to get him to wear a Santa hat, but I'll take it b/c he's not a big fan of the holiday!! Enjoy these cute wonderfully witchy shoes!

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