October 5, 2008

Shoe of the week

My obsession for this week... The mini mule with grosgrain ribbon from Oka Bee. I have these in the staples black and brown and change the ribbon to match whatever I am wearing. I know... How fabulous!! Which reminds me I need to go out and find some preppy halloween ribbon for my black mules... Oh how I love grosgrain! I also have the sandals with changeable ribbon, they were too cute in the summer. They even make them for the mini shoe addicts. I would love to see some sort of birthday ribbon in them for a little one to go to school in! Perhaps even a cupcake ribbon! Oh I'm all over it now, add cupcake ribbon to the halloween ribbon... CHECK!

Happy Shoe Shopping!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by! These shoes are too cute..love the ribbon!

preppy little dress said...

those are the cutest, fun shoes!

BTW...i have posted my wicked goodies, thank you so much!!!