August 18, 2008

Hills Junkie

Ok...So I must admit...I AM ADDICTED to The Hills. Tonight is the season premier (insert loud teenie bobber scream) and I am stoked!! I think that I love to live vicariously through Lauren Conrad. I think I am her. I should date Brody Jenner... I should live in LA... I should love LO and hate Heidi... I should be a pretty blonde in a size 2. And what about SPEIDI?! Spencer makes me ill and Heidi makes me want to gouge my eye out with a spoon, but yet I can't stop watching them...They are a trainwreck!! An entertaining trainwreck at that.

Another highlight to this Monday....
I have my preppy fall swap partner!! It's Vineyard Vogue and I am so excited! Let's get shopping!!


Jill said...

Oh my gosh~ I love The Hills too! I love Lauren, Heidi makes me crazy, and Spencer is such a jerk! I just don't understand why Heidi stays with him???

cancersucks said...

I am addicted to all reality shows...but The Hills is one of my favorites, too. Spencer makes me ill! It's time for some good tv again. My personal fave "The Amazing Race" starts in a few weeks. I'm thrilled!